Carson Wheetly
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Shot by Brandi Cox

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First appearance:

Wild Things Foursome

Last appearance:

Wild Things Foursome

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Portrayed by:

Ashley Parker Angel


Carson Wheetly was the husband of Rachel Thomas.


Nothing is known about Carson's early life. It is known that Carson's mother died sometime before Wild Things 4 and blamed his father Ted Wheetly for her death and held deep grudge against him. With motivation from his girlfriend Rachel, Carson decides to kill his father, with Rachel's help by tinkering with his father's racecar, which he used the next day in a race at the local speedway. The car was wrecked in a lethal crash, which killed Ted instantly. However, Carson was not aware that his father's death was part of a plot that Rachel and her associates, Brandi Cox and Linda Dobson have concocted to kill him and his father and take their money. Carson is fatally shot by Brandi sometime after his marriage to Rachel at a motel at the Glades. Rachel then wrote a fake suicide note to through investigators off the trail. Police soon discover the truth about Carson's death and arrest Rachel after finding overwhelming evidence against her (such as video footage of her and Carson tampering with Ted's car and her shirt which was covered in Carson's blood that night he was killed).



  • Carson's death was made like a suicide, but his girlfriend, Rachel Thomas was actually the one taking suicide.
  • Carson earlier strangled Brandi to death, only to get dead by Brandi minutes later.
  • Carson is the first male who had a foursome.