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Wild Things: Foursome

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Wild Things: Foursome

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Linda Dobson is the secondary antagonist of "Wild Things: Foursome".


Linda was the secret lover of George Stuben, lawyer and assistant of the Wheetly family. She and George planned to steal money from George's employer, Ted Wheetley and have a rich life together. When their plan was complete, they would have their co-conspirators killed. At the end of the film, George and Brandi Cox are in the tropics where Linda kills Brandi by blowing up her speedboat when she intended to go home.



  • Linda is the only surviving character to have a foursome and the only one of the four to survive it in the movie.
  • Linda has a similair as Brittney Havers: both girls ended up killing a female character (Linda killed Brandi Cox and Brittney killed Maya King).
    • Coincidentally, both deaths were seen as plot twists in the story.
  • Linda mostly never appeared in the movie. If she appeared, she was either seen with Brandi or Rachel.

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