Marie Clifton
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Shot by Kristen Richards

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Wild Things 3

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Wild Things 3

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Elena and Marie are kissing on the lips

Marie Clifton is an antagonist and protagonist of Wild Things 3.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Marie is the stereotypical rich white girl with a pompous and selfish attitude who will do anything it takes to get what she wants.  She is also a stereotypical pretty blonde girl that all guys drool over and she is noted for her drop-dead gorgeous looks and curvaceous figure. This complements her exceptionally horny and promiscuous personality as she has sex on multiple occasions to satisfy her desires.

Marie tends to wear extremely provocative clothing.  In her normal attire, she wears a revealing white shirt and long pink pants that barely reach her hip.  While swimming at school, she wears a blue bikini that pronounces her fine figure.  She is very free about showing her skin as seen when she sunbathes at home wearing nothing but a white tank top and a thong.  She even freely runs and walks around in her house in this attire and even walks outside of her home, not caring about the police officers who see her in such a sexually attractive manner.



  • Unknown to Marie, she has been sexually involved with her step-sister, Elena Sandoval.

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