Suzie Marie Toller is one of the conspirators and the hidden main antagonist of Wild Things. She is played by a Canadian actress named Neve Campbell.

Suzie wanted revenge against Sam Lombardo (her school guidance counselor) for leaving her in jail on a minor charge. Some time later, she discovered that Lombardo was having sex with one of his students, Kelly Lanier Van Ryan. Suzie blackmails Lombardo with photos of him and Kelly having sex in his house. To avoid exposure, Lombardo is forced to help Suzie concoct a plan to get money from Kelly's wealthy mother, Sandra Van Ryan, thus setting the plot for "Wild Things".


Kelly and Suzie are Kissing on the Lips

The unrated version gives her further motivation, revealing that Suzie and Sandra are half-sisters and Kelly is Suzie's niece.

Suzie Marie Toller


Neve Campbell and Denise Richards