Wild Things 3 is about 2 girls who frame a man for rape in order to steal two valuable diamonds.

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Set in the fictional town of Blue Bay, Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough opens with the widower and daughter of a wealthy woman fighting for a pair of extravagant diamonds, known as "mother and daughter." Also involved are a local troubled young girl on probation, a vain physician who refers to himself in third person, and a parole officer.

Like the previous Wild Things films, this one too starts with a meeting in the Blue Bay school auditorium for a speech on sex crimes by a cop and probation officer (Dina Meyer) who has personal experience with rape. In the auditorium we meet the bad rich girl Marie and the innocent Elena with a troubled past who is on probation herself, poverty-stricken and lives in a trailer. The two girls of course don't exactly get along. Marie stands to inherit two giant diamonds from her deceased mother. However she cannot obtain them until she turns 18. Stepdad Jay, in turn, is in deep financial troubles and is not inclined to let the girl get the diamonds. Jay also has an interest in pretty young things and invites Elena over to the party he organizes for Marie. The issue is who will end up with the diamonds and what intrigues they will devise to get them.

This film, like the other two in the series, maintains a strong lesbian sexuality content theme throughout it.

The plot reveals in the end that both the female leads, Elena and Marie, are in a relationship and have actually plotted against the step father. During the film's climax, it's revealed that Elena only got into a relationship with Marie so she could steal her diamonds. It also shows that the probation officer is actually the biological mother of Elena and the step father was actually the biological father of Elena (making her and Marie step-sisters) and the rapist of the probation officer.


  • This is the first film of the Wild Things franchise to have an incest relationship. (They are not blood related)
  • Detective Mike Morrison is the only character from another installment of Wild Things to make a second appearance.